Mr Ashish Kothari

Mr Arjuna Gamini Pieris Seneviratne

Visiting Senior Fellow

An insightful and holistic development practitioner with multi-sectorial insight. Strategist, researcher, evaluator, media-person, educationist, environmentalist, IT specialist, mathematician, marketer, anthropologist, musician, actor, script-writer and voice-artist with multi-faceted skills sets and professional experience in public, private, civil, media, academic and aesthetic sectors. Motivated towards designing, creating and implementing result oriented, scientifically consistent development paradigms, business strategies, media campaigns and information systems.

20 years as a multidisciplinary researcher, 14 years as a development policy planner, 16 years as a development project designer, 22 years as a corporate strategist, 14 years as a social business consultant, 8 years as a technology and tech-research mentor with multiple skills in areas that include development strategy, sectoral situational analytics, development sustainability and durability, monitoring & evaluation, conflict transformation, media leveraging, creative writing, training & education, development effectiveness, marketing strategy, energy activism, corporate governance, corporate strategy, disaster management, environment and resource conservation, climate change, sustainable agriculture strategies, appropriate technology, Information and Communications Technology, social business modeling, management capacity building, knowledge management, gender, early childhood education and development, cross-sectoral mapping, project design & programing and project management.

Research Areas 

Agriculture, Food, Nutrition Security and Rural Development, Entrepreneurship, ICT and Innovation, Environment, Energy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Livelihoods, Employment and Well-being, Science and Technology, Social Sector, Society, Literature, Arts, Sports and Culture, Urbanization, Habitat, Transportation and Regional Development