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Empowering Women in Public Services

Empowering Women in Public Services

A National Winter School Program on Young Women Leaders in Public Policy Fellowship was organized by Gender Impact Studies Center, IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute. The 9th Session of this course was conducted from 6th January to 8th March. The session was convened by Dr. Arjun Kumar, Simmi Mehata, Prof. Gumadi Srideviji, and Adv Dr. Shalu Nigam. The course is conducted by esteemed women pioneers from varied fields with special guidance to emerging young Women Leaders.

Impact of Gender-Based Violence in Mental Health Care

Gender-based violence casts a long and dark shadow over societies worldwide, permeating every facet of life and leaving deep scars on survivors. Within this complex tapestry of violence, the intersectionality of mental health and gender dynamics emerges as a critical focal point for advocacy and intervention. At the Gender and Mental Health certificate program organized by the Impact and Policy Research Institute, Ms. Sangeeta Rege delivered a profoundly insightful address, shedding light on the nuanced interplay between gender-based violence and mental health care. Ms. Rege articulated a compelling narrative that underscores the urgent need for gender-sensitive approaches within healthcare settings and systemic reforms to ensure equitable access to mental health services for all survivors.

Empowering Mental Health: A Gender-Sensitive Approach

Day 3 of the Gender and Mental Health Training Programme, organized by the Impact and Policy Research Institute, featured an enlightening address by Professor Vibhuti Patel on. Her comprehensive analysis of the intersectionality between gender, mental health, and societal structures provided profound insights into the challenges faced by women in accessing mental health support and the imperative for gender-sensitive approaches to mental health care.