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The name is bond, FinCat Bond Sense on AT1 bonds

The name is bond, FinCat Bond: Sense on AT1 Bonds

Recognise AT1 bonds as insurance, rather than pure debt. Once AT1 bonds are understood as insurance by a bank that is still a going concern, against a calamitous loss, the expectation that they should be bailed in only after equity is written off would disappear The high-decibel angst of investors in Credit Suisse’s Additional Tier 1 (AT1) bonds that were fully written off before selling the bank to rival UBS for $3.23 billion resonates with investors in Yes Bank’s AT1 bonds, who are currently litigating against such a write-off at the hands of the RBI-appointed administrator, before the troubled bank was transferred to State Bank of India.
The Unease of Doing Business with DMRC

The Unease of Doing Business with DMRC

Yet, a company owned by GoI and the government of Delhi, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), is crushing EODB under the wheels of its growing fleet of world-class trains, in the most spectacular fashion possible If god has a competitor, even in a limited capacity, it is the Government of India. GoI combines in itself the trinity of creator, preserver and destroyer when it comes to ease of doing business (EODB).
The Collapse of SVB The Story of Systematic and Unsystematic Risk

The Collapse of SVB: The Story of Systematic and Unsystematic Risk

And the story goes on like this. This bank, named Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), lent money to the tech industries and start-ups, primarily in the tech domain. On 10th March 2023, the news broke that this bank collapsed and did not have enough funds to pay back to its depositors. SVB was the biggest US lender to fail since the 2008 global financial crisis.