The State of Population and Development – #PopulationAndDevelopment | Panel Discussion on The Great March of Migrants During The National Lockdown: Lessons Not Learned and Missed Opportunities 

On the Occasion of International Migrants Day on 18 December

#IMPRI Center for Human Dignity and Development (CHDD), IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi, invites you to an IMPRI #WebPolicyTalk series:

The State of Population and Development – #PopulationAndDevelopment

A Panel Discussion on

The Great March of Migrants During The National Lockdown: Lessons Not Learned and Missed Opportunities  

Details of the #WebPolicyTalk:

Date: December 18, 2022
Time: 4:00 p.m. IST
Platform: Zoom | Facebook Live | YouTube | Spotify | Google Podcasts

Background Note:

Migrants walking during the lockdown was the defining image of the first wave of COVID-19. Millions of migrants abandoned their residences and belongings, hopes and promises of a better future in an alien place, and started walking to reach their homes, some walking hundreds of miles, some even thousands of miles. 

India is a country of migrants, one often hears but how many migrants exactly, no one knows, not even the government nor the experts. They live in precarious conditions without much of a health and social support system, was not known to the people in power who announced lockdown after lockdown. A significant number of them are daily wage earners, they eat and survive if they earn every day. We also did not know that migrants include old, women and children who require food, milk and medicines on a regular basis. We hoped that they will be taken care of by their landlords and employers, which did not happen in most cases.

In brief, we can say that this was a great opportunity to learn about migration and migrants and make policies and programmes for their wellbeing but we can say that we as a society and country did not learn any lesson. 


Dr Devender Singh
Global Studies Programme, University of Freiburg, Germany;
Visiting Senior Fellow, IMPRI


Prof R. B. Bhagat
Professor and Head, Department of Migration and Urban Studies, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai

Prof Arun Kumar
Distinguished Economist, Former Professor, JNU & Malcolm S. Adiseshiah Chair Professor, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi

Ms Akriti Bhatia
Founder, People’s Association In Grassroots Action and Movement (PAIGAM)

Mr Sandeep Chachra
Executive Director, ActionAid Association India

Prof S. Irudaya Rajan
Chairman, International Institute of Migration and Development (IIMAD); Former Professor, Centre for Development Studies (CDS), Kerala

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