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Decoding Sam Altman's Impact on Personal Loan Guarantees in India

Decoding Sam Altman’s Impact on Personal Loan Guarantees in India

The shock and sense of injustice that most Indians feel at the ouster of a founder from the company he or she founded also gives, in the same breath, legitimacy to founders being held responsible, without limit, for the failure of the company and for its resultant liabilities.
Two Mergers and Future Alerts for Carbon Capture, Use Technologies and Gaming

Two Mergers and Future Alerts for Carbon Capture, Use Technologies and Gaming

TK Arun Over the last week, there have been two big corporate mergers whose significance we would do well to appreciate. ›ExxonMobil’s acquisition of Pioneer Natural Resources, a shale oil biggie in the Permian Basin, for $59.5 billion. ›Microsoft’s acquisition…

Domestic Startups Need Funding to Thrive

Huawei is not just any phone-maker. It is a company that was set up to give China indigenous capability in the entire telecom value chain, from developing communications and signalling technologies to designing chips, routers and telecom networks to producing the components that go into setting up a telecom network, besides making handsets. It spends 15-20 per cent of its turnover on R&D. It has been the world’s cheapest provider of telecom gear and rapidly gained market share around the world.

Challenges Faced by India Technologically to be at Par with Developed Nations

For a developed India, bulkier investment and technological changes are required to keep up in the race with other developed nations. In doing so, the country should not be afraid of failure. After all, Chandrayaan 3 was made possible by the lessons from the failure of Chandrayaan 2.

India’s Sustainability Dilemma: Growing Economy vs. Climate Goals

In less than a month ( September 9-10),  leaders from the world’s most powerful countries will be in New Delhi  for the G20 Summit, which for the first time in history will be held under the patronage of an Indian presidency. While the summit will undoubtedly address many of the most pressing issues facing the global community, one topic has been placed at the center of debate —sustainable development.

The Growing Duopoly in Indian Aviation

Recent developments in the Indian aviation sector are cause for concern, as the industry has virtually turned into a duopoly market. IndiGo and Air India have proven to be established players, while newer airlines have all but exited the aviation market owing to predatory pricing of flight tickets. The emerging duopoly market between IndiGo and Air India has meant the highest surge in airfare, which is a concern for air travellers.