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Data and Public Policy

Data & Public Policy

An informative and interactive panel discussion on  Data and public Policy was presided by Dr Soumyadip Chattopadhyay, Associate Professor, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan; Visiting Senior Fellow, IMPRI. To set the tone of the discussion he began with the challenges associated with data evolution as with the increase in online activities large section of the population is leaving digital footprints as a result of which numerous inauthentic and unreliable data are being circulated in the economy and for accessing the authentic data various data tools and policies are needed.
Practitioners’ Experiences of Public Policy.

Practitioners’ Experiences of Public Policy

Fiza Mahajan, a research intern at IMPRI, had the honor of introducing Ms Urvashi Prasad. She discussed the dilemma associated with public policy formulation at the practical level by taking into consideration the example of COVID-19. At the onset of the pandemic, there was a lot of confusion regarding whether to go for masks or not or to implement lockdown or not. With the insights about policy implementation from the practitioner's point of view, she discussed various factors that need to be taken care of while implementing policies such as proper assessment of available resources, along with its impact on civil society at large.
Introduction to​ Public Policy.

Introduction to Public Policy

Prof Mukul Asher took an informative and interactive session on Introduction to Public Policy. He is a Former Professor, at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore, and a  Visiting Distinguished Professor, at IMPRI. He began by pinpointing the weak areas where people especially civil servants lack while formulating public policy as they lack quality data, poor economic reasoning, and poor legal backing. The key to good policy-making is relevant content along with thought logic. Then Intelligently he described the art of public policy with the help of a graph in which various indicators were highlighted such as population density concentrated in some parts of the country especially Uttar Pradesh and accordingly policies will be formulated, he pointed out the development activities near coastal areas vai Sagarmala, Bharatmala.
Bureaucrats’ Reflections on Public Policy.

Bureaucrats’ Reflections on Public Policy

The session on  Bureaucrats’ Reflections on Public Policy was taken by Dr. Nivedita P. Haran who is the Former Additional Chief Secretary, of the Government of Kerala. She began with the definition of Public Policy as what actually Public Policy means. It refers to the systems in place be they economic, political, or social and the information and data available with the same. Further, it includes the mindset of the government and the governed as it looks into the prioritization aspect as well in the financial sector to promote the public sector or private sector that ensures efficiency and effectiveness in the bureaucracy. The policy is considered the bedrock of the governance which comprises vision, mission, policy, programs, and projects.

Pioneering Public Policy Careers in India: A Blueprint for Law Students

In the intricate tapestry of India's legal and governance landscape, the realm of public policy stands as a realm of great potential for law students. With their deep understanding of legal frameworks, analytical prowess, and critical thinking skills, law students are uniquely positioned to influence and shape policies that drive societal progress. This article delves into the promising avenues available for law students in India who aspire to contribute to public policy. Furthermore, it highlights how IMPRI (Impact and Policy Research Institute) online courses can serve as a beacon for skill enhancement and specialized learning in this field.

Forging Pathways in Public Policy Careers for Students of Political Science in India

In a country as diverse and dynamic as India, the realm of public policy offers an exciting avenue for students of political science to influence positive change. With its complex governance structures and evolving socio-political landscape, India presents a myriad of challenges and opportunities for those passionate about shaping policies that drive progress. This article delves into the promising career options available to political science students in the field of public policy, highlighting the role of IMPRI (Impact and Policy Research Institute) online courses in facilitating their journey towards impactful policy advocacy and formulation.

Local Governance and Public Policy

With a specific focus on social, legal and policy issues, a Two Month Online Immersive Legal Awareness & Action Research Certificate Training Course and Internship Program, the LPPYF (Law and Public Policy Youth Fellowship) was conducted by IMPRI, Impact and Policy Research Institute from June 12 to August 11, 2023. Covering numerous issues ranging from international provisions, constitutional laws, SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to gender justice and international human rights, it sought to equip fellows with both the theoretical insights and the technical capabilities required to implement the former with a field research project to enhance their learnings.   On the 18th day, the third and final discussion was first contextualized by Dr. Vibhuti Patel who introduced the theme and the speaker, namely ‘Local Governance and Public Policy’  taken up by Shri Tikender Singh Pawar, Senior Fellow, IMPRI and Former Deputy mayor Shimla.